The Healing Arts


This page is dedicated to the discussion of Reiki & other forms of Hands~On Energy transfers. Feel free to Share Your Own Personal Experiences or Ask Questions.

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  1. Upon birth, we are often born into families who, because of their ancestoral past, emotional, physical or financial situation and many other reasons, cannot give us the love and support that our souls need in order to grow and evolve. If we lack this basic level of care and positive reinforcement as infants and children, we carry these wounds into our adult lives and interpersonal relationships. More often than not, we pass our wounding on to our own children in our parenting without even realizing it. It is a common thought among non-tradtitional healing arts practitioners that we, on a soul level, chose the family into which we are born, sometimes over and over from lifetime to lifetime in order to heal these wounds. It has been my experience that the familiarity in which these ancient energies manifest create a physical and emotional blockage, leading to dis-ease and disruption of balanced energy flow within the mind, body & spirit of the individual.
    The first step in the healing process is to acknowledge that something in your life is not the way you want it to be and to make the conscious decision to change it. This could be a physical symptom, repeated troubles in relationships, feeling ‘stuck’ in a job or in simply feeling ‘lost’, knowing that the life you’ve been living is not the one you want…once you are committed to change, the Universe will conspire to help you bring about the change your soul longs for!
    Holistic wellness is defined as bringing about a balance in all aspects of who we are as human beings…not only in physical health, but realizing that our bodies reflect our state of mind and that it is our ‘true self’ who wishes to be ‘whole’ in mind, body & spirit. Modern day life and western ideals of how to heal tend to work against each other in the concepts of extreme levels of self-fulfillment and then puttting a ‘band aid’ on the physical manifestions of our over~worked, over~stressed and under nourished lives. Underneath all of this, lies our ‘wounding’…the story we’ve been told from childhood about how life is supposed to be and our role in that story. Some of us have been told that it’s not okay to show emotions…that anger is ‘bad’, that crying is ‘weak’, that the world is full of danger, sadness, hard work and little reward… That we are not to trust certain people, religions, ethnic groups, places and things…that because we may resemble someone in our family that we will ‘be just like them’…we carry with us the wounds of our families and generations before us…and these words, whether spoken out loud or implied energetically, shape us in how we carry on in the world. When the words and energies are not positive, they are stored within the body and eventually become energetic ‘blocks’ along our chakra system, thus creating physical manifestations known as ‘disease’. Holistic wellness will bring about the balance needed to live a life of ‘wholeness’ in the Mind, Body & Spirit.
    So here are some suggestions I’d like to offer if you are doubtful…the ideas cost nothing but your willingness to try them…and to be consistent in your effort to continue to try them, even if you don’t see results right away. Years of programming and negative thought processing will not clear overnight! But I guarantee you will see results very quickly if you simply change your mind….
    The next time you have a negative reaction…anger, resentment, panic, fear, any immediate over~reacting…sit with it. Clear your head of the blame and ask yourself ‘why’ you reacted the way you did. What about the situation triggered these emotions and where in your body did you ‘feel’ them. Our emotional responses to situations and certain people happen so quickly that we don’t even realize that they originate in our physical bodies…Our mind kicks in to defend the incoming ‘danger’ but in reality, the body~our nervous system~ is what activates the brain’s response. So when you find yourself in the response of the negative reaction, see where you feel it in your body…is your chest pounding? Is your stomach in a ‘knot’? Do you feel weakness or tingling in your arms or legs? Pain and pressure below your ribs, above your navel? All of these bodily feelings are our body’s responses and physical manifestations of stress on the energy system. Low back pain, headaches, IBS, neck & jaw pain, and almost all chronic & serious illnesses are related to an emotional imbalance in how we relate to others and to our lives.
    So instead of accepting that this person or situation ’causes’ your reaction, take responsibiity for yourself, for your health, and for your own happiness. You cannot always change others, but you can change your reaction, once your know what and where it comes from within yourself. Once we acknowledge, accept and ultimately release the negative emotions associated with these reactions~ instead of ignoring or ‘stuffing’ them back inside, lashing out at others, thru denial, engaging in unhealthy relationships, drug or alcohol abuse, overeating, overspending and many other unhealthy addictions and responses~then we can begin to be our ‘authentic’, true & whole selves that we are meant to be.
    Accepting that what happened to us in the past does not define who we are in the present and that we have the ability to be heal ourselves is also part of this first step in the process, as is allowing our mind to say, ‘it’s okay’ when we feel anger, resentment, sadness, lonlieness, self-doubt, fear, jealousy, etc. and to give ourselves permission to really feel and work thru these emotions and to begin to locate the underlying source within ourselves. Once we do this, we can clear the emotional pain and release the ‘stuck’ energy. Finding a compassionate, qualified practitioner who is trained in this work is an important piece of the healing process. We are not alone nor are we meant to heal these wounds alone. For more information on this healing work I suggest the books, ‘Hands of Light’ and ‘Light Emerging’, both written by Barbara Brennan. For Massage therapists, Reiki practitioners and other holistic healers, ‘Psychology of the Body’ is highly recommended.

    For Appointments at Crossroads, please call 357-8366 or visit our website’s Reiki page.
    Blessings on Your Journey,

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