Steven Kowalski


After graduating with a degree in Sculpture from the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY, Steve Kowalski started on a new art journey. The figure is the focus of this journey. Steve has been involved with local figure drawing groups for the past 8 years. “My  ideas are fueled by the life in the model and working around other artists.”

 Whether the medium is charcoal or oil paint, 3D or 2D, the exploration of line and shape is paramount. His latest works are spontaneous cut-outs done at the figure sessions. “The interpretation of the model doesn’t have to be an exact likeness, so long as it catches the essence with fluidity.

 Consistent with The Modernists who allowed themselves to explore and create,  Steve is creating from the heart of his imagination and a great sense of play.



 Steven Kowalski


This video has been linked from the Albany Times Union and the piece that you see above is one of Steve’s that is for sale & on display in our Gallery. Watch the video to check~out downtown Schenectady’s Art Night and see more of Steve & his work!

4 Responses to “Steven Kowalski”

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  2. where can I purchase your work?

  3. Hi Pat,
    Some of Steve’s art is available for purchase at Crossroads Gallery in Duanesburg. We have some framed nudes, some flower collages and an oil or two. You can also contact Steve via email at

    Thanks for your interest!

  4. […] . . .  Of course, in addition to Steve Kowalski and his shapes, I saw a lot of art and a gaggle of artists while strolling the […]

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