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Spirit Wind Studio



Spirit Wind Studio is located in Duanesburg, NY (half an hour from most places in the Capital District).  We have space for group and individual sessions/workshops, with grounds for walking and meditation. 


Judith Prest is a social worker, poet, artist and trained expressive art facilitator.  Her workshops and programs focus on discovering (and RE-discovering) creativity and learning to use it as a tool for healing and empowerment. 

Creative expression is our birthright as human beings.  No matter what has prevented us from accessing our creativity, it is there, waiting to be brought forth into the light.   Working with poetry, collage, paint, clay, movement, sound and meditation opens the door to relaxation, inspiration and deepens the experience of ourselves and the world.


Workshops Judith has presented over the past 12 years include:

R      Jumpstart Your Creativity: WRITE NOW

R      Digging For The Roots of Power (creativity as empowerment for women)

R      Grief, Loss and Moving Forward

R      The Voice of Healing

R      Being In Your Element

R      History is HERSTORY – Journaling for Women. 

Judith has facilitated creativity workshops in schools, prisons, addiction treatment facilities, retreat centers and conferences.  She is also available for individual creativity coaching. 


Judith Prest, LMSW

Poet, Artist, Facilitator

Creativity & Healing Workshops

 Spirit Wind Studio

518 895-8001    jeprest@aol.com



I came to this work in 1996, when I began writing after a 25 year silence.  As a high school and college student, being “a poet” was part of my identity. Somewhere between college graduation and midlife, the poet went into hibernation.


I was whining about this to a friend one day and she told me about the International Women’s Writing Guild.  I called. I joined.  I attended IWWG’s “Remember The Magic” conference at Skidmore College in August 1997. Since then, “the writer’s conference” has become a fixed compass point on my annual calendar.  Through IWWG, I learned of WomanWords, a local women’s writing group and joined. 


Thanks to the support of these organizations, I began to write daily, have published several chapbooks and have had work published in literary journals and anthologies. I love putting my work out there, but the real reason I write is because I find it healing and centering to sort myself out on paper.


I discovered Poetry Therapy and began to read about it and took a 4 day “intensive” workshop, Poetry Therapy: Toward Self Knowledge with Sherry Reiter in New York City.  Somewhere along the way, my creativity flowed into new channels and I found myself making collages.  I had NEVER thought of myself as a visual artist, and suddenly I was pulled into the magic of color, design and working with images.


I learned about “expressive arts training” – using visual art as well as writing.  I began working with Glass Lake Studio (now New York Expressive Arts Studio) in 2000, and now hold a 1 year certificate in Creativity Coaching from Glass Lake and a 3 year certificate in Expressive Art Therapy Training from New York Expressive Arts.


Throughout this journey into my own creativity, I have tried to infuse the arts into my “day job”, and I have been blessed to be in a situation that offers me opportunities to do that.  As a “prevention coordinator” I work through “The Arts” whenever possible. I believe that art-making is a great prevention strategy.  Since the arts heal and promote balance AFTER one has experienced trouble, then it only makes sense that art-making, poetry and other creative expression can offer healthy alternatives to self-destructive behaviors!


The journey has been full of surprises and wonder. I have made connections with people all over the world. I continue to be amazed at where the arts lead me.  What seemed like a very circuitous route now spreads out behind me as a clear path – I feel like I have found what my work is in this world and I am filled with gratitude that I am given opportunities to do it.






4 Responses to “Judith Prest & Spirit Wind Studio”

  1. Today I am sending good healthy thoughts your way.
    All will be well.
    Love, Suzanna

  2. What an incredible image: a temple, an altar, a journey, and a place to rest along the way. Beautiful!

  3. This is beautiful………thank you………….I would like more information as I am changing my direction to the things I love and love to share.

  4. Judith–Didn’t know you had a page about Spirit Wind Studio–Enjoyed reading what you have written here!! You do wonderful work in th e world.

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