Winter Solstice Pathworking

This guided meditation is intended to be used in a group ritual setting with people who are comfortable with each other and have done ritual and work of this type before. It can also be done alone, but give yourself enough uninterupted time, at least an hour undisturbed.  You will need  a journal & pen, a safe place to have a small fire or a fireproof container on hand.


 Make yourself comfortable and gently close your eyes…take a few deep, cleansing breaths, slowly allowing yourself to slip out of the day and into a space of relaxation. Pay attention to your breathing…slowly inhale, slowly exhale. Be conscious of the tensions in your body and let them slip away into the floor…

 …Visualize in your mind now a foggy haze….you are standing in the middle of this fog and it is difficult to see, but you are not afraid…an invisible presence gives you comfort & a feeling of protection. As the fog recedes, you begin to smell the rich, wet scent of the earth after an April rain and as the fog lifts, you find yourself standing on a path in the center of a forest in the early Spring, just as the ground awakens from its long winter sleep. The time is a few moments after sunrise, and as you look around, You notice that the trees are just beginning to bud. Off to your right, following alongside the path, is a stream, its banks almost overflowing with the water of a recent Spring downpour. You start out on the path and as you walk, you realize that the ground is damp under your feet. All around you are the sounds of the forest, it is alive with the activity of birds & animals scurrying here and there, preparing safe havens for their new families.


You’ve been following the newly greening path for some time now when you begin to notice that the landscape is slowly changing and that the air is becoming warmer. As if by magick, one by one, the trees are growing leaves, right before your eyes. Suddenly, you can feel the intense heat of the noonday sun above the treetops and all around you the ground is becoming lush with ferns & forest plants, wildflowers and stones heavy with thick moss appear with each new step you take. The once bubbling stream has now slowed to a steady trickle and offers you a cool drink as you bend down to take a handful of the clear, clean water. The scent of Summer is all around you, and dragonflies buzz about your head as you continue to follow the thickly carpeted path before you.


As you walk, you become more and more relaxed, feeling as though you are a part of this magickal place and have somehow been here before, though you know of no other place that exists like this. An owl’s sudden hoot brings your eyes up and into the trees where you gaze upon the vivid golds, the brilliant reds, the soft browns & the vibrant orange hues that only the Autumn time of year can bring to the leaves of the mighty oaks, birches, maples & ashes that have been guiding you along this journey. You begin to feel a chill in the air, but you are not cold, instead you are warmed by the late afternoon sun as it slowly sinks beyond the forest walls. All throughout the forest you hear the scampering of tiny feet and the rustle of leaves as the animals make use of what little daylight is left, preparing their nests & dens for the long nights ahead.


As you admire the dancing rays of the distant setting sun on the colorful leaves, you feel a cool light touch against your cheek and as you look up, you see that it is beginning to snow…perfectly formed crystal flakes fall all around, landing on the forest floor which is now a carpet of silent white….the trees that surround you are bare and the stream, which has been along side you during your journey, is now beginning to freeze over…it is growing darker and where the sun once was, the full moon now rises to light your way to the edge of the forest. As you reach the end of the path you find yourself in a clearing and there ahead of you, in the distance is a house decorated for the season of Christmas…


As your eyes adjust to the moonlight and you venture forward, you realize as it gets closer that this house is your house, your childhood home. Look around the outside, the yard or the street and see the things that you remember…as you turn now to the door & approach it, you realize that it is ajar and you go inside….


Everything is exactly as it was when you were a child at Christmastime….you smell familiar smells…hear sounds of holiday music and family….perhaps of pets and friends…as you walk into familiar rooms you recognize your surroundings and see the holiday decorations of a Christmas long ago….in the living room….see the furniture, the pictures on the wall….walk to the kitchen…what is cooking for the holiday meal?  Find your bedroom…take a moment to recall its details….Now leave your old room and wander thru the house until you come to a door that you may or may not remember being there and open it….in front of you is a set of stairs and, without hesitation, you follow them down….down…down….it is totally dark and you’ll need to use your senses and the walls as your guide….when you reach the last step at the bottom, you realize that the light of the moon outside is illuminating this room thru small windows in the walls and to your right, you can faintly see another door, which you go to and open. It is a closet, and is empty except for a brightly wrapped box on the floor in the far corner… hesitate at first, but then you crouch down and reach into the dimly lit space and pull the heavy box out into the moonlight.

 As you sit on the floor to get a closer look, you see now that this box is quite old and dusty…with a deep breath you blow off the years and begin to untie the bow that keeps its contents from your view. You wipe the dirt from your hands onto your pants and then you lift the cover….

 What you find inside this box are all your childhood memories… each moment of your early years of life from the time you were born…your first steps, your first day of school…your first friendship…many of the events & memories contained here you remember clearly to this day, and some you don’t because you can’t or your mind may chose not to. Many moments from the past are happy and full of laughter & joy while some bring back feelings of sadness, shame and anger. Take the time now to sit with your box in the safety of the moonlight and look deeply within….sort thru these memories as they appear to you….pay close attention to those you immediately wish to put back….be mindful of the way the painful memories make your body feel….your stomach…your face…your chest…how they affect your heart rate &  breath…

 [long pause]

 It is now time to close this box and to return it to its resting place in the back of the closet. You now know where to find the box, and anytime you wish to come back and open it again, you may, knowing that you will be safe with its contents as you long as you follow the same path which brought you here.

 Before you replace the cover & tie the bow, take a memory or two with you which you no longer wish to keep….a time that you felt unloved, unimportant or invisible. An incident where you were made to feel ashamed, humiliated or deeply hurt by another’s words or actions. Bring with you all that you can bare to carry back. Next, bring  your most treasured & joyful childhood memories…those which always makes you smile and feel loved & special. Carry those with you as well. Now, put the lid on the box, tie the bow and slide it into the back of the closet. Close the closet door and walk to the stairs. Climb back up the steps…up one by one… up until you reach the room you were in when you found the door. Now leave the house the way that you came in and close the door behind you. Turn to take a look at this childhood home and say ‘goodbye’ for now then hurry on your way thru the clearing back into the forest.

 As you move quickly along the snow covered path, the ground beneath you changes from white to vibrant reds & golds……then to rich lush greens….and then to damp, new earth. As you reach the end of the path, a fog begins to form around you and the forest slowly disappears. You now become aware of the room you’re in…Take a few deep breaths and slowly come back to the present when you are ready.

 Using your journal, write down everything you can about the unhappy memory you carried back from your journey. Include All the feelings it brings to you…. use as many or as few words as you wish. No one else will ever see what you write. Be truthful & honest with yourself. There is no guilt in this exercise….be angry if you need to be. Tell the person who brought the pain to you how it made you feel. Nothing you feel or write will be ‘wrong’. Take as long as you need.

When you are finished, rip out the page that you just wrote and burn it. As the paper burns, say the chant below 3 times, and release the memory which no longer serves you, sending those who have hurt you  love and healing energy.

In perfect love & perfect trust

I now release what is unjust

By earth & fire, by air & sea

As I do will, so mote it be!

Now write the happy memories you brought back with you in your journal. Remember this place, your home in the woods, and return there as often as necessary, always going the same way and returning along  the same path. 

Blessings on Your Journey,


~ by Lis on January 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “Winter Solstice Pathworking”

  1. Thanks Lis, this is nice, but it left me stuck in perception which is governed by the ego. It’s because of this though, that it set me on a path to articulate better to myself what I am currently learning that has been exactly the help I’ve always needed. I believe I have found a definitively effective method for removing and extracting the source of hurt feelings, loss, anxiety, and sadness. It’s not going to happen overnight. It takes much focus and concentration as well as steadily working at it day by day. I have received this much help from reading A Course in Miracles. It has equipped me to heal myself from thoughts that I have been hurt by something outside of myself. I recommend Chapter 4 from the text portion of A Course in Miracles. In the book, it’s called THE ILLUSIONS OF THE EGO. Here’s the text headed THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL in an unedited form as it was received by Helen before being published in a book:
    The truth is nothing external can hurt you. Hurt feelings are projected outward by our own guilt which originated when we had the thought that we were separate from God. When we had this thought, we gave away knowledge in exchange for perception, fell into a deep sleep, and invented the ego. As long as we believe and perceive that we are here, we are still asleep. The ego has us convinced that we are separate selves who occupy bodies. We use these other bodies which we see as outside of ourselves to project attacks upon ourselves and blame them for what has happened to us. In reality, there is nobody out there and we are not separate beings. Therefore, no one outside of yourself has done or can do anything to you. We are one in this sense, but also in the sense that the full realization that we are one finally frees and releases us into the unalterable, unbounded joy and peace of being whole. In the world of form which we perceive ourselves as occupying, forgiveness is the most effective tool we can use to overcome these false perceptions of who and what we are. But it is forgiveness in the sense that we always remember that whatever we think has hurt us is not real. We all will and eventually do overcome false perceptions and awaken to the truth. In reality, we already have done this and are at home with God, changeless and still as He created us. This is an abstract concept that it’s difficult to realize because we are so thoroughly stuck in the dream of occupying form as bodies, and are under the spell of time. In reality, there is no time, only eternity.

    Selections from the lessons:
    A Course in Miracles Lesson 15 My thoughts are images that I have made. Lesson 22 What I see is a form of vengeance. Lesson 23 I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.
    Lesson 24 I do not perceive my own best interests.
    Lesson 26 My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.
    Lesson 31 I am not the victim of the world I see.
    Lesson 32 I have invented the world I see.
    Lesson 33 There is another way of looking at the world.
    Lesson 51:
    1. Nothing I see means anything2. I have given what I see all the meaning it has for me.3. I do not understand anything I see. 5 I am never upset for the reason I think.
    lessons from number 61 through 68
    I am the light of the world.
    Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.
    The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.
    Love holds no grievances.
    Lesson 135 If I defend myself I am attacked.

  2. Thank you. A beautiful meditation. I run a meditation group and can’t wait to try this at the winter solstice meditation class. Many Blessings. DreamFaery

    • HI, I am interested as where you got this pathworking from as it is excactly a pathworking my mentor did with me a few years ago and I have never asked him where he got it from, so I´d be interested in the source as you never mentioned it either.My mentor died this year so I cannot ask him, but I remember it word for word, be glad to know who wrote it BB Rhianna

      • Hello Rhianna! I wrote the pathworking for one of our Cirlces. It’s interesting that your mentor used it, he must have found it here. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing but very happy to know that you and others were able to experience it and that he shared it with you.

    • I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed!

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