One of my favorite columns in the Daily Gazette, Practical Psychology, is written by Dr. Lloyd Thomas. Each week the topic seems to be in sync with whatever may be happening in my life and today’s article was no exception…

The topic was about silence & stillness as alternatives for our over-busy lives, both of which I find are so greatly needed to create a space & place of sanity.  The practice of creating a place of stillnesss within can be especially helpful in the coming rush of the next 6 weeks as we experience what can be, for many, an emotional and unnecessarily stressful holiday season.

 By consciously allowing ourselves the ability to turn off our brains and just become ‘one’ with the moment, the need for doing magically disappears. At first it can be a bit uncomfortable & it can take some practice as the anxiety in the body is more obvious once the voices in our heads are quieted. But it’s those false ‘voices’~often the result of conditioning from our upbring, the bombardment of the commercialism which has become our society & our inability to listen to our inner wisdom~ where the feeling of having to ‘give’ to excess comes from. Instead, take time to turn off the ‘monkey mind’ and listen with your Heart and not your head. In the stillness, your Heart will tell you that over-giving of material ‘things’ is only a substitute for the true gift of giving…the giving of yourself to others. This is what is most desired by those whose unique presence you’ve brought into your life. Your time & Love, given simply & unconditionally, to those who need you most, is the true meaning of the message of this Holiday Season.

The 14th century Christian mystic Meister Eckhart said, “nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness”.  Offer yourself & those you love this simple gift during the next month and see how rewarding true giving can be.

~ by Lis on November 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Stillness”

  1. Thank You for the validation…there is no reward given to our children for just being…we are wrapped in our cloaks of “busyness “as if there is a prize…

  2. Lisa,
    I love the imagery of the cloak of busyness!
    It’s so important to teach our children the value of life itself, without the material ‘needs’, which are really ‘wants’ anyway. We made the decision to stop giving gifts to our 3 childrent (ages 25, 19 & 7) and we take a family vacation for the holidays instead. It is time spent together that we cherish and memories that we’ll always have…long after a toy or electronic finds its way to the landfill.

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