~ by Lis on September 6, 2008.

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  1. The picture above captivated me for many reasons…her hands…the images in the background…her obvious level of concentration yet the sense of peace on her face. In some ways, this is where I hope to be one day. But how to get there…that is the question.

  2. Yes, indeed. This is the Grandmother who walks between the Worlds, equally at ease no matter where she “is” at any moment. Untroubled by the daily weather, for she knows that everything has its cycles of emerging and fading and emerging transformed. She is lovely to me as well. I believe, too, that she lives at our Deep Center with all of the other archetypes of our Soul. Thanks for posting this most beautiful rendition.

  3. Oooh, have I got a book for you! Now there’s a switch, eh?
    Hidden Passages ~ Tales to Honor the Crones by Vila SpiderHawk
    This pic put me in mind of it. It’s basically a celebration of womanhood.
    I’ll bring it to D’s if you’re interested…
    ~Heather xxx ooo

  4. Colleen~
    Thank you so much for the eloquent introduction to this figure. She who walks between the Worlds…

    I’m interested~would love to read the book!

  5. Lis, Where did you get this fantastic image? “Women of Wyrd” stirs something in me. Hopefully if I find out what, it’ll be more than just a craving for a delicious but nutritious snack -LOL.

    But seriously this reminds me of several things at a deeper level, 2 among them, Colleen’s Aunt Rita and the teachings found in the books by Lynn Andrews. I recently signed up for Lynn’s newsletter and her newsletter prayers are a real treat: http://lynnandrews.com/newsletter.htm

  6. Joyce,
    Again, this image was taken from another site, not the artist’s though. I tend to not want to use images without direct permission or, at the very least, without giving credit, but what is the protocal? Some, like this one, are so beautiful that it’s a shame to not publish them…

    Thank you for the link!

  7. Wise, welcoming and powerful…she has left the past behind her and reels in the time ahead slowly…knowingly. Thx, jeff

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