Welcome to Crossroad’s blog spot! This spacewas created for current and, hopefully, future customers & friends as a place to share thoughts,ideas, creations, dreams, fears and anything else your soul desires. Feel free to leave some comments and/or suggestions about the store or just hang out, learn a bit & see what we’re conjuring up here on our littlecorner of the planet.

Blessed Be,



26 Responses to “About”

  1. Lis,

    What a beautiful page and wonderful idea. I wish you much success. I look forward to chatting with others with similar interests that your gallery and presence promote. Namaste, Tammy

  2. I didn’t know this was here! Well now won’t you all be sick of me!
    Blessings and love… ~Heather xxx ooo

  3. Heather Dear~
    Sick of you? Never! Can’t wait for your contributions!

  4. Lis,

    Re: the new moon abundance checks. If someone did not want to use one from their checkbook (or didn’t have an account). There are free abundance checks they could print out from “The Secret” website (www.thesecret.tv)

    Thanks for keeping me IN TUNE!!! Many happy vibes and blessings

  5. I am so Happy I found this wonderful place! I believe Crossroads is something that was needed to share and learn about spiritual living. As I walk through the doors the energy is always peaceful and loving. Many Blessing Lori Van Nostrand

  6. Samhain’s abundant love and blessings wished for all!
    ~Heather xxx ooo

  7. Thank you Kim & Lori! The Abundance Checks that Kim refers to will soon be available here in the ‘Magick’ category. For now you can find the info on Crossroads Gallery’s website on the ‘Tune to the Moon’ page!

  8. Lis – Thanks for creating this wonderful website (and for giving me & Spirit Wind a “blog-spot” on it.


  9. Judith,
    Thank you for following your bliss & doing the great work that you do. I’m really looking forward to the Soul Collage workshop in January!

  10. Let me start by saying thank you. So many people I have run into in the area are a bit close minded when it comes to “alternative” medicines. Having experienced these things in the southwest first hand, coming back to the area left me with little in options. I’ve been turned onto your energy by a email to my new job and will be stopping by on the 20th to make a pet donation, see the store and have a chance to relax in this busy world…

  11. Shannon,
    I’m so glad that you’ve found us~looking forward to seeing you on the 20th~be sure to introduce yourself!


  12. Lis~

    You were right…the New Moon is especially significant and relevant…to me and so many others. Happy Solstice…Happy New Moon…and Happy New Year.

    Blessed Be ~

  13. On a day when we are stuck inside as the earth in spring shines her radiant light upon all that she has created this season, remember to let her warmth and beauty also shine inside your heart and to take moments whenever you can to sneak away and be among her flowers and newly sprouted growth. In each new season become reacquainted with her changes and tune yourself to receive her gentle lessons. Realize that even though it sometimes feels as if our spirits are frozen and dormant in all that we do, that that time like the winter always ends to bring about the most beautiful of new beginnings. That we as a part of her reflect the seasons and should take note of all that she tries to show us in nature everyday. Pay attention and let go of all the chaos that our kind makes and breath in the signs of new life~ Melanie Donahue

  14. Lis,
    I stumbled across the website after shopping in the store a few days ago….it is wonderful and so is the store. If you don’t remember I was the one who just moved to Duanesburg from downstate and was craving some spiritual and organic/ detoxifying ingredients that was missing in my life since I moved…I will be taking you up on some much needed massage and classes soon…Jennifer

  15. Dear Lis,

    I always love to see your newsletter in my mailbox – but this month’s was extra special – I got top billing!!!! What you do for us ARTISTS if fabulous.

    As always, much love, gratitude and blessings

  16. Hi Lis,
    Don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but want to let you know I’ve started uploading my mystical paintings at this web site:
    Hope you can take a look soon. I’ll be sending more as time goes on. I’d like to set a date to get some prints into Crossroads. Others reading this may not know you already carry a few of my crystalline glazed pottery vessels and ocarinas so there’s a plug for them – hah!) Anyway, I want to get some archival spray coating that protects and preserves ink jet prints, and try it out beforehand. The above web site does it all for me, which is the reason I was able to get my work out to them sooner. Joyce

  17. Liz,
    It was great meeting you today. The energy in your shop is amazing! I’m looking forward to displaying my creations with you. Hope to see you soon.
    Blessed Be,

  18. Dan,
    I’m very excited to having your beautiful pieces available here in the store! Can’t wait! If anyone would like a preview of Dan’s work, check it out here myspace.com/dwerlespellboxes

  19. Thanks again for the link to my MySpace, Liz. Was great taking to you today and will see you after the holiday weekend.
    Blessed Be,

  20. Lis,
    I hope that you will be able to come to our full moon ritual in July on Sunday the 25th. My granddaughter just loved your shop, and she can’t wait to go back again.
    Blessed Be,
    Joyce C.

  21. Have only visited once, but can’t wait to see what’s new for 2011!

    • Do you have a Facebook page Nancy? We do! And it’s updated almost everyday with new events and things going on. Or visit our calendar & ‘Offerings’ page on the website. Come again!

  22. Hi there!
    I’ve lived in D’Burg for over 6 years and remember when that building was a tanning salon. I can’t believe since you got here I haven’t stopped in yet. I intend to stop in very soon because I am interested in some of your events. I guess it’s better late than never…see you soon!!

  23. Hi Jackie~
    No more tanning~though sometimes I think I’d actually be making some $$$ had I kept a bed in the store!

    Looking forward to meeting you soon~introduce yourself when you come in!


    • I plan on stopping in this Sat and look forward to chatting with you. I’d love to connect with some people in my local area that share the same interests. Check out my personal blog http://quoteshare.blogspot.com

      On this site I post meaningful quotes and make a novice attempt at spiritual insights. I welcome any input and/or feedback. Thanks again for having this forum available!

  24. like too sign up for some classes..keep me up dated! love the store1

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